Squad 26

Squad 26 is a 2004 Pierce Enforcer Chassis with a 6 passenger cab and Pierce Rescue Pumper body, used as a Class A pumper. It features a 1500 G.P.M. Hale single stage, rear mount pump with a 900 Gal. booster tank. This pumper is equipped with 2- 200 Ft. hand lines of 1 3/4 in. soft jacket hose preconnected in speed lay, 150 Ft. of 2 1/2 in. soft jacket hose preconnected off the rear bed, 1000 Ft. of 4 in. LDH in dead lay, 3- 8 Ft. hard suction sleeves, 48 Ft. of ground ladders, salvage and overhaul equipment, ventilation equipment, IDLH monitoring equipment and a full compliment of RIT equipment. Squad 26 acts as our mutual aid RIT pumper.

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